Mexico Coues Deer • Gould’s & Ocellated Turkey Hunts


Coues Deer, Gould’s & Ocellated turkey hunts are now available here at Tall Tine Outfitters.

Our Coues whitetail deer and Gould’s turkey are hunted on our numerous ranches less than 2 hours south of the Arizona border.  Therein lies a land of clear running streams lined with ancient Sycamore trees, jagged rocky strewn mountain tops, oak studded valleys, and hillsides covered in prickly pear & ocotillo cacti. The rugged Sierra Madre Mountains of Sonora, Mexico are home to huge flocks of beautifully colored Gould’s turkey and large numbers of the Grey Ghost of Sonora, the Coues whitetail. Fortunately, both species can be hunted on the more than 60,000 acres that Tall Tine Outfitters has exclusive hunting rights on which provides our hunters a great opportunity to complete their Royal Slam.

Linda Powell of Mossberg on her Gould's Turkey Hunt with Tall Tine Outfitters

Linda Powell of Mossberg on her Gould’s Turkey Hunt with Tall Tine Outfitters

Our Coues deer management program of limited and selective harvesting consistently produces bucks over the B&C minimum. This same philosophy has been applied to our Gould’s turkey operation where a hunter can be assured of encountering numerous long bearded trophies.

Jay Jones 136'' Coues Deer taken on Rancho Mababi

Jay Jones 136” Coues Deer on Rancho Mababi

Because so many of our clients are on quests for their World Slams, (Royal Slam plus the Ocellated wild turkey), Ocellated turkey hunts are now being arranged by Tall Tine Outfitters. The outfitter we work with has been conducting hunts in the area for over 52 years. 38,000 acres of jungle and cultivated fields are home to the large flocks of Ocellated turkey we hunt. The camp is in a small town and accommodations are comfortable with electricity, water, fans, beds, cooks, & waiters.

Ocellated Double Trouble

Ron Boillat & Glenn Piper ~ Ocellated Double Trouble

When you throw in the great food, incredible scenery, wonderful local culture along with the fantastic hunting opportunities you will come to understand why so many hunters return year after year to experience this south of the border phenomenon.

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